Case study – Image Review and AVH Outdoor Tuinmeubelen

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Case study – Image Review and AVH Outdoor Tuinmeubelen

Image review can be used in many different ways. Even if there is no direct integration possible with the platform, there are various ways to still get started with receiving user-generated content. One of those ways is, for example, a photo contest.

AVH Outdoor garden furniture is one of the frontrunners in the field of garden furniture within the Dutch market. To keep up, it’s important to consistently engage with your target audience. AVH Outdoor understands this like no other and knows that good content is needed for this.

So, a few years ago, they launched the AVH Photo Contest. During a period of the year, customers who have placed an order in that specific period receive an invitation to submit a photo. The person who submits the most fun photo stands a chance to win back their order amount.

That’s obviously a very nice initiative and an extra motivation for the customer to submit a photo. Additionally, there is no direct integration needed from Image Review because customers can upload directly into the system. So they could start collecting content immediately.

What’s particularly impressive about this case is the amount of photos AVH Outdoor receives annually. It’s around 1500-2000 photos. That’s a lot!

All these photos are used for newsletters, social media posts, and can also be shown on the products in the near future. This will likely lead to an increase in conversion rates.

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